Sunday, January 8, 2012

Facing Tips Bad Mood at Work

Facing Tips Bad Mood at WorkHave we ever experienced bad mood or not feeling excited in the workplace? early in the morning we go to work but with a bad mood? Indeed, human beings are special, which have complex feelings. Between one person to another, may experience different feelings. Sometimes feelings of excitement, fun, happy but there are also feeling sad, bored, not excited or bored.

When the condition of feeling sad, bored or not the spirit, our bodies also react, the body feels weak, drowsy and ultimately our activities were disrupted. Decreased job performance, too, is possible for office workers will affect the career or bonus to be received and for people who self-employed or self-employed will affect his income.

Indeed, when a bad mood struck at us, the work force would be obtained less than the maximum results. And how do I overcome this? as social beings, we are hard to avoid these things but we can try to solve it, namely:

1. Recognize and understand it causes
Bad mood can be caused by a variety of causes and by knowing the cause, we will be easy to overcome. Suppose we bad mood when I saw a desk or work space messy or menginggat heavy workload or debt that has accumulated. Well maybe you can tidy up your desk or workspace in advance or to divide the workload was light.

2. Set priorities
As in other writings, we should always have a 'planning' / plans and always specify the priority. Work on the most important activities and sufficient influence our next tasks.

3. Discipline
Any activities or tasks that we will do, always specify the deadline. Although the company or client we also have determined the deadline but we should also have its own deadline that is certainly not another 'bump' between our deadlines with deadlines of the company / client. It can spur the spirit of our work to complete the task and avoid the bad mood when the piling work.

4. Put photos of people we love
Often when we see someone we love, feeling sad, not the spirit will turn into joy or passion. This can be used by putting his picture in a place that is easy to see, for example putting family photos on the desk, photos of children, or boyfriend and
Indeed, this seems very personal but this can spur the spirit.

5. Avoid Causes
This relates to the first point, when we identify the cause of bad mood. Should we avoid those things when it would begin work activities, it is good cause that we can finish before beraktitas.

Those are some tips to overcome feelings of bad mood, but to keep in mind that time will continue to run without stopping, with feeling bad mood or not. Keep us always in control of our feelings will be able to achieve "better today than yesterday"

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