Monday, January 9, 2012

Want to be a model employee?

An employee who works every day, leave early to avoid congestion in addition to the office so do not be late and come home the night after completing the daily tasks of work, of course there are times when an employee wants to be exemplary. Of course the leadership of a company will not provide rewards or prizes in the form of promotion or advancement to employees free of charge or for free. Surely they will demand their employees to increase performance and can best contribute to the workings.

But there are times when trying to achieve these criteria, there are various obstacles and challenges that can be fatal so long as it destroys a career that nurtured (Career Builder). The following are some points that may be useful to avoid this;

- Affair in the workplace / office
A relationship of love is not wrong and it is human nature to love the opposite sex, but sex / affair in the workplace / office should difikirkan carefully as this could be the worst mistake that could threaten an employee's career. So think good or bad before you establish a relationship with friends work together.

- Person who closed the office environment
Your office environment is an environment second only to your home environment and you should not isolate themselves from the office environment if you want to achieve a victorious working career. You should be able to get along with all the employees do not view other than the employee's position was that you are not regarded as employees are arrogant. Maybe with your social circle this vast, you will get additional support from your friends to get a promotion in addition to sooth your work.

- Do not Want to Work Together
In team work, competitive feelings arise sometimes, but not an easy thing for you to compete with other employees, especially in a team. Although there is a sense of competition in the job, you do not have the feeling arrogant and reluctant to cooperate with them, even if you feel more capable. You better compete in a healthy and well as this will show who is superior among employees, including you.

- Do not forget the deadline
If you want to be one exemplary employee at your workplace, you should never ever forget about work deadlines. Work deadlines are very important in the work (please consult the management time here), so you have to finish before the deadline specified, if you set the time of trouble, try to make priorities and planning in every job you will do.

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